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                                                                           July  1, 2016/25 Sivan 5776
                          The Bully . . . or . . .the Liar

I beg to differ with our Jewish pundits, local and national, who claim that there really is no difference—for Israel—between Clinton and Trump. They argue that faith in our Creator and unity of mind here in Israel will suffice in weathering whatever comes our way.

I do not discount the need for Faith and Unity. Both are essential for the well-being, no, survival of the Jewish State. Our biblical history, however, speaks forcefully on behalf of our people not putting all of our eggs in one basket. “And the LORD said to Moses, Why cry you to me? Speak to the children of Israel, that they go forward…” (Exodus 14:15). Our tradition encourages ACTION as well as prayer, faith, and unity.

Now, comes the question—does it matter who becomes America’s next president?  I have been reading several articles all of which put forward the “NO” answer. Yes, there is no denying that candidates make many promises which they break once they are elected but I still believe that it is useful, when it comes to Israel, to observe which Jews surround and advise Clinton and Trump.

First of all, I hope that Bernie Sanders does not get to have too much influence on the Democratic party’s platform. His lukewarm attitude toward Israel and his excessive sympathy for the bloodthirsty Palestinians is well known.

Second, Hillary’s hatchet man, Sid Blumenthal, lacks a moral conscience. On cue from his boss, Hillary, he was instrumental in helping to discredit, no, destroy, the lives of the three women who were either raped by, or abused by Bill.

Third, Hillary is surrounded by J-Street Jews and we know what a bunch of Israel bashers they are.

Fourth, Hillary, thanks to Bernie and Elizabeth Warren, has moved steadily leftward, almost to where she was as a radical college student. We all know how the Left is in the forefront of the BDS movement.

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                           The Liar                        The Bully
The Liar                 The Bully     

Trump has defended Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria. He openly admires the steps Israel has taken for domestic security. His Jewish son-in-law who is staunchly pro-Israel, regularly advises the Donald on Jewish issues.
The latter does not guarantee that Trump will be on our side when and if the crunch comes. But, be assured that Hillary will continue Obama’s constant arm twisting of Israel. In private she is vicious and has a wicked temper. Heaven help us if as President it flares up against our little country.



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