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       Author Sy Polsky was born on October 27, 1944 in the United States but later emigrated to Israel in 1982.

       With both Bachelor and Masters Degrees in English from Brooklyn College and Syracuse University, respectively, he taught English at high schools throughout Brooklyn and eventually penned 4 workbooks for English students, from Beginner to Advanced.

       In addition to teaching English, the author's extra-curricular duties included that of faculty advisor for The Spark, the students' English language monthly newsletter and Harvest, the yearbook of the American students, Youth Aliyah Program in Pardes Hanna.

       The Immortal, his first novel, answered the author's personal need for a sense of identity. It is often said that one cannot venture into the future until he first knows from whence he has come. Sy Polsky believes that his settling in Israel is the completion of a journey not only for himself but for the many millions who were denied the opportunity to do likewise.

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