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                                                                 September 1, 2017/10  Elul 5777  
                      Oxymorons and American Jewry

Oxymoron: a figure of speech by which the speaker or written text  makes use of an incompatible, seemingly self-contradictory expression, as in “a little pregnant”, “approximately equal “, “holy sin”, “cruel kindness” or “to make haste slowly.”
For all intents and purposes, the post Kennedy/Humphrey “liberalism” we see today is a phoney liberalism rooted in the socialist/fascist doctrine of regimentation which makes the state the master of all and the object of unlimited worship. Mussolini and Britain’s Oswald Mosely were Socialists before they were Fascists. They rode into power on a “people’s movement.” They were supported not by genuine conservatives who embraced constitutional governnment and free speech protected from violent hooliganism (regardless of the source) but by a weird coalition of anarchists who wanted no government at all and the mob which wanted a government to provide everything to everybody.
In Russia the Communists promised to give the common people “liberty.” It was to be a a two-phased process. First would be a “dictatorship of the proletariat,” which meant a dictatorship of the “working class,” i.e. “the people.” Then, after the capitalists were liquidated, the “state would whither away.” Well, the “dictatorship of the proletariat” never materialized. In its place there was a  dictatorship of one man and the “party elite” around him, and the State, far from whithering away, became a monolithic (i.e. “totalitarian”) power controlling almost every aspect of  the people’s lives.
In reality, despite their rhetoric, the  leftist “Antifa” moverment in the U.S. and the fascism it allegedly opposes are brothers under the skin when it comes to their tactics. Their hooliganism and hatred of free speech for those with whom they disagree is of the same stripe. Antifa is not for the freedom espoused by Thomas Jefferson. It embraces the suppression of free speech, a free conscience and the freedom of individual rights. Yet the leftwing fascists of Antifa in America have the effrontery to brand those who disagree with them, and maintain the traditions of constitutional government, as “Fascists” when they themselves espouse a doctrine similar to classical fascism.  Scratch an Antifa’s skin and you’ll uncover an anarchist or Marxist, and probably, an anti-Semite or a Jew who hates Israel.
The extreme rightwing Fascist black-shirts and brown-shirts were defeated in a costly World War. But the red-shirted fascists we still have with us today and, ironically, they are far greater in numbers than the neo-Nazis and the membership of the Ku Klux Klan. Tragically, the so- called progressive establishment in America, Hillary, Bill, Bernie, Chuck, and Barak, and the liberal media, are nowhere on the scene to condemn these leftwing fascists. For too many in the chattering classes, the imaginary fascism of Donald Trump or Steve Bannon excuses the real-world censorship and intimidation practiced by the illiberal left. Both in America and Israel we are besieged by a partisan media which showers exaggerated attention upon marginal extremists on the right while turning a blind eye to leftwing intimidation. All of their guns are facing rightward. And, tragically, so many Jews are among them.

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