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   If the Greeks Had Won the War . . .
At the end of November when I was drafting my December website article, I had planned to talk a bit about Chanuka and yes, Christmas. I got a bit sidetracked when that Arab granny blew herself up and that other lady claimed that Israeli "violence" is far worse than the Palestinian variety. Still, I owe my readers that Chanuka-Christmas piece, so read on.
In the second book of my trilogy (see the bottom of p. 2) I presented the reader with the age-old truism that had the Maccabean Revolt failed, there could never have been a Christmas.
Judaism would have been expunged along with the belief in a single Omnipotent Deity and the Greek variety of paganism would have become the official (and only) religion in Judea.
MacKinlay Kantor, a famous American author, is often remembered for his seminal novel, Andersonville, which dealt with the horrors experienced by Union captives in a Confederate prison. A lesser-known work of his, If the South Had Won the Civil War, however, is one of my favorites. Kantor paints a frightening portrait of two entities--a truncated United States of America and the Confederate States of America--living peace-fully side-by-side (like Israel and "Palestine"?) after the South wins the Civil War. Lincoln ends up in prison and, to the glee of the European tyrants and aristocrats, there will be no strong republican Union on the American continent for decades to come.
Now imagine, just for a moment, a poor carpenter's son named Joshua, Yeshua, etc., growing up in a totally pagan Nazareth. Instead of going at age twelve to the Temple in Jerusalem, there (according to the account in the New Testament), to sit and engage in a discussion of the Torah with the rabbis of his day, the lad had entered a Temple filled with stone images of Zeus, Aphrodite, Poseidon, etc., and been treated to the spectacle of athletes performing in the buff. He would have seen no sacrifices to the Master of the Universe, no priests and Levites going about the tasks which had been performed in the days of old. He would have been raised as a pagan without any knowledge of the Torah and our belief in a final redemption through the Messiah.
Most probably, he would not have been named Joshua or Yeshu but Jason or Xenophon. What kind of Christianity could have emerged from a paganized Judea? This point is made by Joseph, my protagonist, to the captain of a vessel bound for the exotic East. (See page 3)
Could you imagine ascending Mount Moriah  and seeing these two as you entered our Holy Temple? If the Maccabees had lost, the nightmare would have become a reality.
                     Zeus                                         Aphrodite                                  Our Temple
Sometimes, in our troubled world where there are barely 15 million Jews, we tend to forget that WE are the tree and the trunk whereas both Christianity and Islam are but the branches which, during the march of time, turned viciously against their parent. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why we are so hated through history. Our refusal to disappear is a constant reminder that monotheism, spiritual salvation, justice, and mercy are our gifts to Western civilization, indeed, to all of mankind.
The cruel Romans mocked our cherishing the seventh day but where are they now? Today is there a culture anywhere that does not have a day of rest and reflection? Well the Romans have gone into the dustbin of history and I have no doubt that those who deny the Holocaust and our right to the Land of Israel shall follow in the path of the Caesars.
                            BOOK 2 
                           Jehovah's Anvil 
                            A Tale of the Wandering Jew
                 BOOK II OF A TRIOLOGY
                       JOSEPH'S ODYSSEY
                         By Sy Polsky
On December 24th, Christmas Eve for the crew, and the last day of Chanuka for Joseph, some additional barrels of fruit and fish were loaded aboard the William and she                                              struck her sails. 
“Are we really on our way, Captain?” Joseph could hardly conceal his enthusiasm.
 “Yes, Doctor Haroov. You’re finally going to get a chance to see some of the places you’ve been reading about in Polo’s journal.”
 “How long?” asked Joseph.
 “Five weeks if the wind holds, longer if it doesn’t cooperate . . . .”
 “Thank you, Captain . . . and a Merry Christmas to you.” De Witt nodded and Joseph started walking toward his cabin.
 “Oh doctor . . . .” de Witt called after him.
 “Yes, Captain?”
 “Your holiday. . . .?”
 Chanuka . . . .”
“Yes. Well, whatever. Season’s Greetings to you.”
 “Thank you.  Most appropriate Captain . . . .”
 “I don’t follow you, doctor.”
 “It’s simple. If the Revolt which lead to Chanuka had failed and the Greeks had succeeded in destroying our religion, then  150 years later Jesus would have been born into a pagan environment and your religion . . . .”
 “. . . would never have been.  Interesting hypothesis, doctor.  I shall ponder it, when I have the time, of course . . . .”
“Of course, Captain, of course . . . .”
      --From Jehovah's Anvil, Book II of Joseph's Odyssey
Happy Chanuka!
çðåëä ùîç!                                Sy
        *          *          *          *          *          *
Two of the responses I received on my previous article (Say Hello to George Orwell) were hardly flattering to this writer:
From Joseph (no last name was provided):

I noticed you chose political cartoons glorifying the so called security fence and completely ignored the dangers of wasting 10 million shekels per kilometer used to build it (instead of working toward a permanent solution).
Both the Israeli and PA governments are actively preventing the legal emigration of PA Arabs that want to leave the area.
Freedom of migration is a basic human right protected under the 1946 UN Declaration of Human Rights.

Let their people go!

Instead of wasting your web page on trite political cartoons and incessant whining, be a part of the only real solution.

For the record, I too am totally opposed to the construction of the so-called security fence. I reproduced the cartoon in question, not to "glorify" the fence but to assert Israel's right (as a sovereign country) to build it, regardless of whether the project is costly and misguided. Yes, the fence will violate the right of  movement of those Palestinians who wish to enter and leave their areas of residence. I am not, however, going to accept the totally legalistic attitude that because of this "violation", the fence is illegitimate. The lives of the potential victims of terrorism are more important to me than the so-called right of free passage across borders. And, finally, if there were no fence, would the Palestinians just get up and leave Israel?
Joseph, in what way is the Israeli government "actively preventing the legal emigration of PA Arabs who want to leave the area"? I would like to see some convincing evidence to the effect that the State of Israel is truly prohibiting the emigration of Arabs!
I don't consider the reproduced cartoons I use in my website as "trite." "Trite" is usually synonymous with "commonplace", "stale", "pedestrian", "worn", "hackneyed", "corny", "clichéd", "banal", "unoriginal",  and  "tired" (I assume, then, that when  our fearless Prime Minister said that we Israelis are "tired" he was implying that we are also "trite"!). Neither am I "whining."  I am informing and alerting. Please, remember that it is so easy to use the paintbrush in labeling another person. For years, Joe McCarthy labeled many American progressives as "Communists," and the Israeli Left incessantly referred to the Israeli Right as "Fascists." Enough is enough.
Finally, you urged me to "be a part of the only real solution." Well, I checked the e-mail address you left at the end of your comments and I came up with your "real solution":

Escaping the ever-ending Conflict


Palestinians are trapped. Many Palestinians desperately want to, but are unable to, emigrate.

Palestinians have the right to escape the incessant cross fire by migration. The Palestinians' decision to resort to terrorism has so reduced the average standard of living that about 380,000 Palestinians recently left their families and homes to emigrate elsewhere.

These emigrants found that there was no support network to help them adjust to the new country. As the security situation deteriorated, the borders to Jordan were closed. 
And now, Palestinians are prevented from exercising their option to emigrate. 

Freedom of migration is a basic human right protected under the 1946 UN Declaration of Human Rights.


How can anyone be against the prerogative of a Palestinian Arab to build a new life in a country of his or her choice?  


There currently is no other organized system to provide assistance in emigration to Palestinians living in buffer zones and in the crossfire. 


While getting an airline ticket is no problem, obtaining a visa and security clearance from the Arab village to the airport is problematic. 


We have established a mechanism for the orderly and compassionate emigration of innocent families to supportive countries.  

We provide humanitarian assistance to those who find themselves in the cross fire and seek a prosperous, quiet and fulfilling life.  Our network of experts work together to provide the tools to build a new life. The network includes social workers, psychologists, lawyers, and financial analysts that have pooled their expertise to facilitate smooth transitions to a new country and adaptation to a new culture.          

 Assisted Emigration Services

P.O. Box 3421, Jerusalem, Israel 91342

For emigration assistance, send us an Email at:
To volunteer or to subsidize emigration send us an Email at:
Joseph, permit me to say that your goals are laudable. You are, however, advocating a watered-down version of Kach's agenda of "expulsion" and Gandhi's plan of "transfer."  Is your organization, then, the "real" solution. Would some well-meaning people easily confuse your "solution" to another, more "Final Solution"? Is it realistic to assumer that such a sizeable number of Palestinian Arabs are willing to leave this region and make a real dent in Israel's demographic balance? And which country is willing and ready to absorb them? Good luck.
From Aaron (also, last name withheld with no return address):
I agree with Joseph and by the way, did you pay royalties for publishing the material you used and/or have permission from it's owners for it's amended format - also did you request permission from the writers artists and photographers whose material you use so freely for your diatribe? Just interested and I will follow the law suits with interest - oh and can you just let us have the Exact place in Sanhedrin for your quote if you wouldn't mind? Just for the sake of accuracy..........
Dear Aaron--who denied me the right of a personal reply by not providing his e-mail address or phone number--I am not using any of the material for any commercial gain. If, however. I am still violating Israeli law, please contact me  by phone if we know each other or otherwise by a private e-mail (  And, since I also agree with Joseph (whoever he is) that the fence is a waste of money, you are really hitting a straw man. By the way, will you really sit there  and gloat if I were to encounter any legal problems? I suspect that I would enjoy a genuine exchange of views with you so stay in touch.  Dialogue is preferable to diatribe.
Happy Chanuka!
çðåëä ùîç!


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