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January 1, 2020/4 Tevet 5777
We Canít Afford to Wait for Elijah

Yes, when Elijah returns to announce the imminent arrival of Moshiach, we will celebrate. Until then, however, we in Israel, with faith in HaShem, must solve our political problems by ourselves.
Another election is coming in March. Einstein once defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. He may not have been thinking of Israelis at the time he made this observation but the aphorism truly applies to us here.
My perpetual lack of fluency in the Hebrew language dissuaded me years ago from trying to become active in politics and I watch in frustration from the sidelines as we limp from one political crisis to another. Who really represents our community in the Knesset? Who speaks for Karnei Shomron and the settlers at large in our ubiquitous parliament? Yes, I have some neighbors, some even on my block here in Neve Aliza, who remain satisfied with the multiplicity of parties in our Knesset. Whom do these MKs really represent? In too many cases, they represent only their own interests, the primary one being to remain in power no matter what.
Yes, if I could have, I with like-minded people, would have worked for the creation of a truly representative system. In the UK and US it is called district representation. Let red Haifa and central Shenkin St., Tel Aviv send their leftist MKs to the Knesset but permit the people in Judea and Samaria to choose people who will truly speak for us.I donít expect congressmen from Chicago or San Francisco to speak on behalf of the farmers of Iowa in Congress nor do I expect true representationfor the settlers in the Knesset with the present system.
Why do I call for real representative government? Our present system with its party lists provides us little respite from MKs who deserve to be booted out. Not every party has primaries and not every party with its pipsqueak membership should be in the Knesset to blackmail a prime minister. We would be far better served by two large parties which embrace the overwhelming majority of the population and its candidates elected directly by the people than by the present system which leaves us in despair.
Happy New Year!


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