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                                                   June 1, 2018/18 Sivan  5777  
Dear Mr. President
Hon. President Donald J. Trump
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, D.C.
Permit to introduce myself. I am a former resident of Staten Island, N.Y. and have been living in the State of Israel since 1982. I was, and still am, one of your most enthusiastic supporters and congratulate you upon restoring much that the previous administration deliberately destroyed during its tenure in office. I continue to follow the news from the U.S. with great interest, especially when it impacts on our lives here in Israel . . . which brings me to the subject of this letter.
Unlike the “politicians,” you have demonstrated a knack of getting to the point without resort to all of the diplomatic newspeak and double-talk so characteristic of people in public office. With this point in mind, I trust that you, Vice-President Pence, Secretary Pompeo, and Mr. John Bolton will take seriously my thoughts on Israel’s search for peace⸺a lasting peace.
I’m sure that you recognize what anybody with a modicum of common sense already knows: If the Arabs (especially the Palestinians), lay down their guns, there will be peace; if Israel lays down its arms there will be no Israel.
You and your advisers have labored long and hard on a peace plan, yet to be disclosed. Permit me to be blunt, Mr. President⸺stop wasting your time! 1. We in Israel have no “moderate” Palestinian leader with whom to negotiate and, 2. If such a moderate did exist, what are the odds that he would be overthrown or assassinated and then succeeded by another typical Palestinian politician, an extremist for sure.
If I were the Prime Minister of Israel, I would say this, loudly and clearly to you and the world (because most people here feel this way): There is no such thing as a “proportionate response.” We are reaching the point where our army will have to move into Gaza and neutralize, permanently, the terrorists who run that region and who openly are committed to Israel’s destruction while they rule like despots, tyrannizing their own people. There is no such thing as “quiet for quiet” with murderous thugs who, if given the opportunity, would kill every last man, woman, and child in our country. Yes, OUR country! This point brings me to the titular head of the Palestinian Authority. Abbas is a Holocaust denier, a rabid anti-Semite, and a leader with no future, a man whose only way to preserve his “legitimacy” with his own people is by adopting more and more extremist positions.
Face it, Mr. President: Abbas will never come to the negotiating table and if, by some miracle, you manage to coerce him into to doing so, he will sign NOTHING unless he gets EVERYTHING! You will have better luck with the dictator of North Korea than with the PLO, Islamic Jihad, and Hamas. After all, in the final analysis, Kim’s most basic desire is to remain in power in the territory he already has. The Palestinians, on the other hand, will settle for nothing less than  Israel being expunged from this land because, in their own words, “From the (Jordan) River to the (Mediterranean) Sea, Palestine will be free!”
You are a good man, Mr. President, and there is much that you will be able to achieve through the art of the deal but any deal requires “give and take,” and not where one side is expected to do all the “giving” and the other all of the “taking”!
In closing I want to wish you and your family a pleasant Fourth of July holiday.
Yours truly,
Sy Polsky
Karnei Shomron,


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