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                                                                                  January 1, 2019/24 Tevet 5777

                                 More of the Same?

New elections . . . again! I am going to stick my head out and make a prediction: when the election in April is over, the people of Israel will end up with a government not much different from the one that is winding down, unless Benny Gantz captures more mandates than the Likud. Don’t misunderstand me—I am not for Gantz forming a government. We’ve had enough ex-generals venturing into Israeli politics and have been burned enough times.
“War is too important to be left to the generals,” remarked World War I French prime minister Georges Clemenceau. I wonder whether government is too important to be left to the politicians!
“Yes, I know. Who, then, will govern?  Sometimes I wonder if it really matters. I’ve always believed that Israel is not saved by the brilliance of its leaders but by the greed of its enemies  who go too far and are then frustrated in the end by the hand of a Higher Power.
“Put not your trust in princes,” says the psalmist, “in a son of man, in whom there is no salvation.”  I quote this  verse without an ounce of cynicism: To see a politician is to view disappointment incarnate. The psalmist wisely reminds us to place our trust elsewhere. And so we entrust God with our hope to see the world put to rights. Yet,  if we are partners in God’s plan to repair the world, then certainly there must be an active partnership between us and the Divine to make things right. Since we must vote, we should entrust that vote to the office-seekers who  accept  the role of God in Israel’s future when they make their decisions. Man alone is not the measure of all things.
Happy (secular) New Year.


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