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April 1, 2019 / 25 Adar 2, 5777
Nothing in Excess
The ancient Greeks might have coined the expression venerating moderation but it was HaShem. the Creator, who demonstrated that too much pride AND too much modesty were not to become traits in Jewish behavior.
Where did the Israelites receive the Torah?
Well, an unsuspecting mind would probably answer, "On Mt. Everest, of course!" Wouldn't it be logical to assume that the Creator of the universe would select the highest mountain on earth to give the eternal law to Moses?
Since, however, Moses was the humblest man on earth and we are told "To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God" (Micah 6:8), should not the Torah have been given in a deep valley such as the Grand Canyon or Death Valley?
Maybe HaShem was telling us, "Yes, my children, walk humbly but too much humility is also not such a good thing." That is why the giving of the Law was not in the deepest canyon on earth, not on ground level, nor on the tallest peak on the planet. Mount Sinai stands tall and proud but not arrogantly like Everest.Now, you might ask, "where is this article leading you?"
I take issue with all of the Jewish apologists who failed to demand real justice be done to Ilhan Omar, that anti-Semite recently elected to Congress. Eliot Engel chairs the House Foreign Affairs Committee but he did not insist that Omar be removed from that prestigious body. Engel, being a well-known Jew, made it easy for Nancy Pelosi to whitewash Ilhan Omar.
Rep. Max Rose, a newly-elected Jewish Democrat from New York, told supporters that he was "horrified" and "sad" to hear Omar say that pro-Israel groups "push for allegiance to a foreign country."
Despite these painful slurs, Rose believes in second, third, and fourth chances. He disagrees with Republicans and Jewish advocacy organizations who believe that Omar should lose her seat on the powerful House Foreign Affairs Committee.
"We have got to show her that there is a pathway for her to do the right thing, and we have to be vigilant towards that." Yep, you can take the Jew out of the ghetto but you cannot easily take the ghetto out of the Jew.
How many "pathways" is Omar entitled to? She has a track record of spewing anti-Jewish slurs. Max Rose typifies the American liberal Jew. Turning the other cheek is in the Christian Bible, not ours! After all, if the Jewish members of Congress are excessively restrained in their reaction to the loud mouth from Somalia, what can you expect from the non-Jewish Democrats? These humble and moderate Jews took Pelosi off the hook. And then, of course, there is Bernie. He has surrounded himself with a coterie of Israel bashers, but then, Bernie was never accused of dual loyalty, well not to Israel, anyway, but perhaps to the defunct Soviet Union.
"No one but myself can be blamed for my fall. I have been my own greatest enemy--the cause of my own disastrous fate." --Napoleon


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