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November 1, 2019/3 Heshvan 5780
I am Waiting for the Seventh
I turned 75 five days ago but I clearly remember reading this book when it first came out when I was nineteen in 1963. Henry EnochKagan, the author, made a strong case for his thesis: that the six men whose names appeared on the books cover had a very profound impact on the course of human history, that each of them was a landmark in the ebb and flow of human civilization. Of course, not by coincidence, all of them were Jews and Kagan attempted to link the impact made by these men to their Jewish roots.

I wonder: will we have to wait for the Messiah to be counted as the Seventh in this pantheon? At 75 I certainly hope not. I would love to see number 7, hopefully an Israeli (politician, philosopher?) emerge who, if he/she finally brings a measure of unity to the Jewish people, will no doubt change the State of Israel, and the world as well . . . and for the better. Am I waiting for the impossible?


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