The Immortal

       "You are a very, very gifted author, one of the best I have read and I am thankful you are allowing God to use your talent to stir people about the immense and inhuman sufferings experienced and still experienced by God's own beloved people."

-John Pellicano, author of Conquer or Die

       "I was immensely moved by this book. The story has such a real quality about it. To call a book a must-read comes hard for me, but it definitely applies here. Thank you for this gem."

-Kent Evans, author of Malas Ondas

       "It has been years since I read a book that moved me the way yours did."

-Eldon Thomas, author of Table for Three

       "You are such a gifted storyteller, and in this book you shine!"

-Dr. Louis C. Martin, MD, author of God and Atom

       "I could hardly put it down the story was so gripping and the setting so painfully real. When I finished it, I was in tears."

-Dr. Moshe Daniel Block, MD, author of The Last Four Books of Moses


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